Our  Value To You

EuGrow is your neighborhood grocery store and your own slice of the farm that supplies it. 

  1.  Grow a lot of food in your home with our EuGrow cabinet. No need for a green thumb, your system will tell you what it needs.

  2. Harvest is picked up at your door step.

  3. Until your next harvest, get a weekly food box filled with your choice of the foods grown and made in your community. 

That's it. 


A simple idea can be the hardest to execute so there is a lot of technology and innovation in making this idea a reality. 




We are social entrepreneurs. That means that we use science, technology, and entrepreneurship to build systems that help people. We became worried years ago about the population's ability to adapt to the increasing pace of technology, so we began researching both the nature of the issue and how to help people transition into 21st century ways of value creation.


The more we learned, the clearer it became that our research would benefit more than just those displaced by the newest labor saving technology. We all benefit from the freedom of economic choice - to be allowed to choose how we create value.


The numbers point to economic freedom being a crucial element to optimizing societies. However, choices have been drying up for decades to the point where 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and half can't afford an unexpected $500 expense. We see from the inside how information technology will reshape our economy and leave many people behind.


That's why our mission is to build an organization that gives people the tools and access they need to produce value in ways that are meaningful to them - and after a lot of work and a lot of help, we finally have a good start with EuGrow. 


The "Eu" in EuGrow stands for "Eutopia," our guiding principle of pragmatic idealism.


Eutopia (plural Eutopias) Noun. A place of ideal well-being, as a practical aspiration (compared with utopia as an impossible concept). 



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