Our value to you

We are a new thing, an exploration into a way of feeding people that is decentralized in power, benefits, and access.  We believe that when a people lose any say over the 'vital markets' that sustain them, they become vulnerable to conditions of oppression, scarcity, and institutionally enforced poverty. The current form of these 'vital markets', agriculture in this case, is not the necessary form nor even a particularly efficient one.

We believe that in the coming decades we will all have an opportunity to change that form into something whose measurement for success is our health and enrichment. We think it starts with giving people some measure of power over their vital markets. That is what we are here to do, build paths to that power that give people more choices. 

About the EuGrow Cabinet

Our system is designed to fit into your home while producing more food per square foot than traditional farms. We've even included sensors and software so that even complete beginners can get great harvests. Imagine an IKEA bookcase with a lamp, except it gives you hundreds of pounds of food. 

We're introducing a new species of furniture, one that makes you healthier, wealthier, and happier than that unneeded corner table. Sign up for the newsletter to learn more!

About the EuGrow App

Imagine having a grocery store full of fresh, locally grown produce at your fingertips - that's the EuGrow app! After our development trial, we will be rolling out an app that will connect you to all other growers in your area. It'll enable you to sell your EuGrown produce to others, order weekly produce boxes, and even sign up to be a Lead Grower or Community Leader.

Join the community and grow with us - keep an eye out for this new development!

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