EuGrow Newsletter: Bumpy Road Ahead

Hello Growers! 

Inventing new things is hard. Even if you have funding, talent, and grit, things still take hard work and time. There are no shortcuts, it seems. Luckily for us, there's nothing we'd rather be doing than this.

That's the secret sauce by the way: Caring so much so that you're willing to put in time and effort regardless of doubts and missteps.

We certainly put in some extra hours this last week. Our goal was to take our finished vacuum former and start turning our prototype parts into commercial-ready plastic parts.  It started off with some bumps:

But we kept at it and iterated until we finally started seeing perfect parts:

And now we have a clean process with reproducible results. There are still other plastic parts tools we need to produce, but this first victory means we're getting closer to having a system for our Beta Testers.

What started out as a tiny seed is finally starting to sprout into a unique system and a great community. It's happening, folks, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming along for the ride.

Announcements: We will have a booth at the Tampa Bay Maker Faire on July 27th at the Glazer Children's museum. You're invited to come and see us, as well as all the wonderful creativity of the Tampa Bay Maker Community. Check out their site to learn more!

Our product is made for the community, so we always want to hear from you. Shoot us a message at [] for any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

Thanks, Your friends at Eugrow

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