Frequently asked questions

About the Cabinet

How does the cabinet work?

The cabinet uses "fogponics" to grow your plants. Nutrients are carried in tiny droplets of water to the plant roots while special LEDs provide enough light for your plants to flourish. A camera and water sensors connect with a phone app to let you know exactly what your plants need, so you don't need to be an expert to grow a beautiful harvest!

What kind of plants can you grow?

We're different from other systems on the market because we provide the equipment to grow fruiting plants, like tomatoes and squash, as well as less intensive plants such as herbs and leafy greens. We're still working on ways to expand our abilities into growing root vegetables, like potatoes, and woody plants like shrubs or trees.

How do I FAQ?

Google it

About the App

What can I do on the app?

The app is your connection to your EuGrow cabinet and your EuGrow community. You can check on your plants and receive notifications when they need attention. You can also view timelapse GIFs of your plants' growth! The app also allows you to communicate with your fellow growers, schedule pick ups and drop offs, and keep track of your EuBucks!

About the Community

How do EuGrow communities work?

As people join EuGrow, we'll be able to use the app to connect them. You'll be able to trade or sell your plants through the app. You'll also be able to sign up as a lead grower and earn money and perks by doing the pick up and drop off for your fellow community members!

Got Questions?

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