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EuGrow Cabinet

Our EuGrow system is designed to fit in with your furniture while producing more food per square foot than traditional farms. It uses sensors and cameras to let you know how to get the best yield from your plants, so even beginners can get great harvests. Imagine an IKEA bookcase with a lamp, that happens to grow you hundreds of pounds of food. 
Introducing a new species of furniture, one that makes you healthier, wealthier, and happier than that unneeded corner table. Sign up for the newsletter above to learn more!

EuGrow App

Imagine having a grocery store filled with fresh, local fruits and vegetables grown right in your community. After our development trial you can download our EuGrow app and find out if you live in a EuGrow neighborhood! If you're interested in learning about our development trial then sign up for our newsletter above!

Using our plant cabinet you can grow and sell into this grocery store, order weekly boxes of locally grown, locally made foods of your choice and even earn some side hustle by doing some of the pick up, processing and delivering for your neighborhood as a Lead Grower or by being a Community Leader. 

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